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What makes BMW unique?  Our belief that every idea should make the driver's experience as joyful as possible.  While others appreciate passion, we inspire it.  Joy is BMW.

Design - BMW makes sure great design ideas live on to become ultimate driving machines.  We see design as more than just curves and lines.  We see it as a means to create emotion.  The tell-tale curve of the Hofmeister kink.  The classic kidney grille.  The sleek aerodynamic design.  It's what makes BMWs every bit as joyful to look at as they are to drive.

Innovations - BMW Technology: Advancing your driving pleasure.  Innovative engineering and technology are at the core of what makes a BMW a BMW.  Every detail of a BMW is designed with a single goal in mind: to enhance the joy of driving.  BMW engineers know that anything that doesn't provide more exhilaration, more comfort, or enhance driving safety simply doesn't belong in a BMW.  The know because when they're not building BMWs, they're driving them.

BMW EfficientDynamics - We build our vehicles to thrive as much in the future as they do in the moment.  At BMW, they engineer their vehicles to elevate every moment of your drive.  To thrill you with predictable handling and set you free with unshakable control.  But beyond boosting endorphins, we are finding ways to sustain the same level of performance well into the future - starting with innovative technologies.

BMW Heritage - A legendary reputation takes generations to perfect.  Not many car companies can say they are beholden to no one.  But BMW has been independent since its inception in 1913.  That means, for more than eight decades, we've been building vehicles that are uncompromised, authentic and exhilarating to drive.

BMW in the Community - As a leader in the automotive industry, there's an opportunity - and a responsibility - to be a leader in the global community as well.  To that end, BMW is constantly developing programs int he U. S. and around the world, dedicated to our belief in great thinking, inspired ideas and simply making the world a better place.

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