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Important Tips for Making Your New Amarillo Auto Last


Owning a new car or purchasing a used car is typically an enjoyable experience for anyone.  You may be in the market for a new Amarillo auto because you want something reliable and affordable for your family, or because you're looking for an upgrade and a car with "all the bells and whistles" you can afford.

But of course any car needs maintenance, and the right maintenance can mean a car that breaks down quickly or one that lasts for years and years.  Living in Texas means dealing with extremes in weather, and understanding how to care for your new Amarillo auto as it stands up to the Texas heat will be important.  You should also think about how often you drive your new Amarillo auto and the conditions, as one that you use only for errands during the week will probably have a lot less wear and tear than one you drive several miles a day through rush hour traffic.

General Maintenance

Obviously all cars need regular oil changes; anyone that owns an Amarillo auto should be aware of this and should be taking care of this regularly.  An oil change should also include changing the air filters as needed and checking the other fluids.  This can go a long way towards helping you to keep your transmission and other main components working properly for years.

Many people dismiss the advice of checking tire pressure and keeping tired properly inflated, but this can really improve the gas mileage of your Amarillo auto.  When tires are even slightly low the car needs to work harder to push it along the pavement, and your gas mileage decreases greatly.  Make sure you check your tires regularly when it comes to your Amarillo auto and you'll pay less for gas overall.

Withstanding the Heat

Because your Amarillo auto will need to withstand the Texas heat, make sure your coolant is always full and flush it out regularly as well.  This should be done at least annually; the levels should be topped off with every oil change as well.

To maintain the interior of your Amarillo auto keep it out of direct sunlight as much as possible and use a conditioning cleaner on the dashboard and steering wheel.  This will keep these from cracking in the heat and will keep your Amarillo auto looking fresh and new.

When you take your new Amarillo auto to the car wash, consider spraying under the hood to clean out the engine and all the other components.  Dust and dirt has a tendency to collect under here so a good spray wash on a regular basis can keep the engine free of contaminant.  This will also help to cool it down and keep it running smoothly.

Maintaining your new Amarillo auto is not difficult and typically takes just a few minutes every week, with some additional service every month or so.  But if you do this you'll enjoy your new car for years to come!